Self-Gripping Tape

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    Key Features

    Self-Gripping Tape
    Double sided cable ties are laminated with hook and loop; soft hook and knit loop; mushroom and knit loop back to back, they can be easily used for bundling cables and wires. Ideal for Cable Management & Bundle Ties. 

    Advantage : 
    1. A handy solution for cable bundle.
    2. Easily insert, remove or rearrange cables as you need.
    3. Recommended for video, computer, entertainment and electronic industries.
    4. We provide three kinds of material combination:
        HL Type (Hook and Loop), 
        ML Type (Mushroom + LT weight Tricot), 
        SV Type (Soft Hook + Very LT weight Tricot).

    We also offer an assortment of hook and loop cable ties for packaging and tie-downs.

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