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    • Color:28 Standard colors

    Key Features

    Cut Strips:
    We offer our Hook & Loop strip cutting service to a specified length. We can cut each roll separately or cut and mate the rolls to any length you need. 

    Cut pieces : Any length can be cut on our machine to close tolerance.

    Standard Put-Up:
    Depends on the width and length of cut pieces.

    Colors Available:
    Dye-To-Match colors are available (Minimum Order Quantity based).

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    Small Order Recommendation

    102mm(4") Width 25 Pair Meters Sew-On Hook & Loop
    USD 99.00-99.00
    38mm(1.5") Width 25 Pair Meters Sew-On Hook & Loop
    USD 36.90-36.90
    25mm(1") Width 1 Pair Meter Sew-On Hook & Loop
    USD 4.69-4.69
    20mm(3/4") Width 5 Pair Meters Sew-On Hook & Loop
    USD 6.89-6.89
    38mm(1.5") Width 1 Pair Meters Sew-On Hook & Loop
    USD 4.89-4.89