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    • Caster:External
    • Type:Carry-On,Suitcase

    Key Features

    Adjustable Luggage Cinch Strap

    We offer a custom printing service which you can get an unique luggage strap. If you have any printing needs, please send a letter asking the custom service. We will provide you with a quote as soon as possible. Thank you!

    Product Information

    1. Our products are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Class 1 certified for baby articles, taking care of your skin with soft texture. 

    Different from the general hook and loop cinch straps on the market, our loop side is unnapped so that it's stronger and more durable than the general hook and loop cinch straps.

    2.  Our cinch straps have exceptional bond strength. However, with EZ-PEEL design, it’s relatively easy when you open it.  

    3.  Light and Handy: Our hook and loop cinch straps are extremely light. Each item is only 55g that you can carry them easily while traveling.  

    4.  We have multiple options and delicate designs, making it easy to recognize your luggage on the baggage carousel.

    5.  Multi-Function: Our products are suitable for various sizes of luggage from 15 inch to 29 inch (29 inch can only be tied horizontally). If you want to pack multiple boxes, they can also be tied up with each other to extend the length.

    How to use luggage straps?

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